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Paul Veres

[this is good] Hello and distant greetings to you from a student in your Pratt years (1961). Today I found and bought the catalog of your recent show and was happily surprised that you are still at it. My memories of your class and your teaching have slipped away over these many years, but they were very strong in the decade or so after I left Pratt. I wasn't happy with the idea of becoming an industrial designer, so I transferred after 2 years to City College. Upon graduating a began to teach art in the public schools, went on to CUNY for a masters degree while teaching full time.

Many years later, and a few major life changes later, I am now on the way to retiring, living in Berkeley, and planning to get back to serious art again. That foundation year at Pratt has stood me well, but getting a strong liberal arts education was even better for me. I think I've been more useful to society as a teacher than as a designer of salt shakers.

I wish you a strong recovery from whatever has visited you, and thank you from this great distance in time for starting my serious art education.

Paul Veres

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