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Douglas Anderson

[this is good] It is hard to understand why Nadelman would be considered "bad taste", when we have been so beleagured by the bad taste of the establisment which forces on us mediocrities. One need only go to the Musum of Modern Art to witness the failures whom the museum curators continue to insist, absurdly, are important artists. Nowhere will you find Helion, or Derain, or Alfred Russell, or

Gabriel Laderman

Dear Douglas,I get up to the word Russell, don;t know how that sentence ends. I don't even think Nadelman should be that controversial. During his life time, his work was never part of the conservative establishment, but outside of it completely. There is only one way he could be rejected, because Kirstein liked him!! That, of course, is nonsense. The problem is that doctrinaire and unknowledgeable critics will reject all sculpture which was not completely abstract, even in the 1920s. That is where the fault lies. In the ignorance of the critics.Love,Gabriel

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