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Dmitry Samarov

An interesting read as always, Mr.Laderman...While I agree that new painting doesn't necessarily need to be figurative to be evocative, it seems to me that the noose is tightening for non-objective art...Whereas someone like De Kooning was responding to his world in an indirect way, many of his followers these generations later tend to adopt his visual language as a starting point...While this sometimes results in accomplished mark-making from time to time, it seems further and further away from any engagement or reaction to one's world...Similarly, those that take pop-culture as a starting point rarely seem to bring any insight aside from either cynicism or vapidity i.e. John Currin or Jeff Koons perhaps...I wonder whether you might devote a future essay to dead ends and wrong tracks, as you see them...In any case I thank you for devoting your attention to painting, which is still quite important to a few of us....

Matthew Lopas

[this is good] An excellent article. In a world of vast technical knowledge, multiple cultures that communicate and mingle with each other, large organizations that dehumanise, it is the effort, no matter the means,

Gabriel Laderman

Matthew I get a short sentence and a long incomplete sentence. I am sure there is more, but I cannot see it here.Love,Gabriel

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