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[this is good] Love the "What are the issues" essay. It's the best summary of the past 100 years in the art world that I've ever read. Unfortunately, I'm sure only a handful in the art world would agree. Especially the part on Duchamp.

David D

Matthew Lopas

[this is good] I would love a post Duchamp artworld. Actually I think it already exists - in Hollywood. It seems that the stuff I love - great painting - does not even exist for most of America. The art that I can discuss with anybody is movies. But, at the same time, if a museum does a Monet show, the people come out in droves and love it. Normal people even travel to see it. Only artworld insiders go to see Duchamp. There are more people interested in NASCAR than Duchamp. Take heart!(?) Duchamp was nobody.

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